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  April 2023  


The Private Lives of Trees

by Alejandro Zambra
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This month’s book giveaway, the copy of  The Private Lives of Trees   by Alejandro Zambra, is sponsored by MBLAW.IO, a Toronto based Immigration Law agency.

The Private Lives of Trees is a hauntingly beautiful novel that explores the complexities of relationships and memory. The book takes a unique approach to narrative, blurring the lines between fiction and reality, as well as between past and present.

The novel is comprised of two parallel storylines, both of which are told from the perspective of a young boy. In the first storyline, the boy is the narrator, telling the story of his parents’ relationship. This storyline is full of poignant moments that showcase the fragility of relationships, as well as the power of love and loss. In the second storyline, the boy is the protagonist, experiencing his own struggles with love and loss as he tries to navigate his own relationships.

One of the most striking elements of the book is its use of trees as symbols. Throughout the novel, Zambra uses the imagery of trees to explore the idea of growth and change. The trees in the book represent the various stages of life and the changes that we experience as we grow older. Just as a tree must weather storms and face challenges in order to grow, so too must the characters in the novel face their own struggles in order to mature and evolve.

Another standout aspect of the book is Zambra’s prose. The writing is sparse and elegant, allowing the reader to focus on the emotional core of the story. The simplicity of the language belies the complexity of the themes that Zambra is exploring, and makes for a truly moving reading experience.

The Private Lives of Trees is a powerful meditation on love, loss, and the passage of time, and a testament to Zambra’s skill as a writer. Zambra has created a work of art that will endure for years to come, and one that is sure to be remembered as a classic of

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