The Centaur
The Centaur is a modern retelling of the legend of Chiron, the noblest and wisest of the centaurs, who, painfully wounded yet unable to die, gave up his immortality on behalf of Prometheus.
Saul Bellow's finest book, this National Book Award for Fiction winner presents a multifaceted portrait of a modern-day hero, a man struggling with the complexity of existence and longing for redemption. Herzog is a novel that is both deeply philosophical and highly engaging.
East of Eden
In his major novel, The East of Eden, John Steinbeck explores the complexities of family, love, and the struggle between good and evil. Published in 1952, the book is a masterful work of literature that delves into the deep emotions and motivations that drive human beings.
On the Road
With its themes of freedom, adventure, and self-discovery, this seminal work of American literature captures the essence of the Beat Generation and is a testament to the power of literature to inspire and challenge us..
Invisible Man
Set in the 1930s and 1940s and follows the life of an unnamed narrator who is trying to find his place in a society that sees him as invisible, "Invisible Man" is a masterpiece of American literature that explores the complexities of race and identity.
The Adventures of Augie March
A remarkable novel speaks to the human experience in a way that is both timeless and deeply rooted in its historical moment written in a prose that is among the most evocative and memorable in all of American literature.
White Noise
Through telling a story of a college professor and expert on Hitler studies, and his family as they navigate the bizarre and absurd landscape of American consumer culture, DeLillo delivers a prescient and deeply unsettling exploration of modern life and the human experience.
A remarkable collection of twelve stories, each one exploring the lives of ordinary people struggling to make sense of their own experiences and relationships that continues to resonate with readers today.
American Pastoral
A powerful exploration of the American Dream and the impact of social and political upheaval on one family that speak convincingly to the heart of the American experience.
Goodbye, Columbus
Published in 1959, "Goodbye, Columbus" is a classic of postwar American literature. Through the love story of Neil Klugman and Brenda Patimkin, Roth explores themes of social class, assimilation, and the complexities of cultural identity.
The Corrections
This modern classic published in 2001 tells the story of the dysfunctional Lambert family as they struggle to come to terms with their individual problems and the challenges of aging.
The 42nd Parallel
The first volume of Jon Dos Passos' U.S.A. trilogy, The 42nd Parallel follows several characters as they navigate the challenges of life in the United States during the early 20th century,
Blood Meridian
A brilliant novel that subverts the conventions of the Western genre and the mythology of the Wild West, portraying the violence and depravity that were present during America's westward expansion. It is an epic tale that explores the darker aspects of human nature during this period.
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