Historical Fiction

Omer Pasha Latas
Set in nineteenth-century, Omer Pasa Latas tells the story of a bright boy who escaped his father’s financial disgrace by running away and converting to Islam to eventually become the commander in chief of the Sultan’s armies.
The Story of the Stone: The Dreamer Wakes (Volume V)
In this fifth installment of Cao Xueqin's epic tale, the narrative shifts to the fate of the Jia dynasty and centers on Bao-yu who like a sleepwalker stumbling through life eventually awakens to the realization that life is just a dream, like the moonlight reflected in the water.
The Pyramid
The most drastic purges follow. By the time the first stone is laid, Cheops’s subjects are terrified enough to yield to his most murderous whims
The Story of the Stone: The Debt of Tears (Volume IV)
This fourth volume of the magnificent The Story of the Stone charts the glory and decline of the illustrious Jia family. Interwoven with humor, poetry, and realistic detail, the novel persists in reminding us of a higher realm of existence, a theme that supports Buddhist beliefs in the supernatural.
The Story of the Stone: The Warning Voice (Volume III)
Filled with classical allusions, multilayered wordplay, and delightful poetry, Cao’s novel is a testament to what Chinese literature capable of.
The Story of the Stone: The Crab-Flower Club (Volume II)
Dream of the Red Chamber frames the tale of a sentient Stone, left behind by the goddess Nüwa when she repaired the heavens. The Stone wants to experience the joys of the mortal world and convinces a Taoist priest and a Buddhist monk to take it along with them. The Stone, along with its companion,…
The Story of the Stone: The Golden Days (Volume I)
Cao Zhan's "Dream of the Red Chamber" is a novel from the 18th century that is widely recognized as the finest of all Chinese novels and one of the greatest works of world literature. The novel is a combination of realism, romance, psychology, fate, daily life, and the supernatural, presented as a series of events…
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