A sweeping tale of a love affair between the explorer Voss and the young orphan, Laura, unfolds in the pages of Patrick White’s masterpiece. As Voss emarks on his treacherous journey across the unforgiving Australian wilderness, facing numerous trials, hardship, mutiny, and treachery, back in Sydney, Laura endures the months of separation as if in…
The Aesthetics of Resistance, Volume I
The three-volume novel The Aesthetics of Resistance is the crowning achievement of Peter Weiss. This first volume was initially published in Germany in 1975.
Blood Meridian
A brilliant novel that subverts the conventions of the Western genre and the mythology of the Wild West, portraying the violence and depravity that were present during America's westward expansion. It is an epic tale that explores the darker aspects of human nature during this period.
Palinuro of Mexico
Telling the story of a medical medical student who's engaged in an incestuous affair with his cousin, the novel satirizes advertising, politics, pornography, and mythology, while at the same time celebrating the body with a thoroughness that only a student of medicine could manage.
The Hive
a virtuosic group portrait of a wounded and sick society.
Considered Andrei Bely’s masterpiece, Petersburg, is a pioneering modernist novel, ranked in importance alongside Ulysses, The Metamorphosis, and In Search of Lost Time.
Exercises in Style
A classic of French modernism that portrays a Parisian scene in ninety-nine unique ways.
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